Monday, 9 June 2014

The Perfect Nude

Introducing my current favorite lipstick - Bourjois Rouge Edition in 02 Beige Trench! 

After spending some time looking around for a simple nude lipstick which would suit my skin tone and give a hint of glam to an ordinary daytime look, I found this! 


Although I love my bright colours for summer I like to have an alternative for a casual daytime look. I have a rather pale skin-tone and fair hair so I don't tend to suit an orange toned lip and usually opt for more beigey colours. This lipstick really complements the natural colouration of my lips, giving them a glossy deep pink shine. I'd say it borders on purple tones, giving a slightly darker look than your normal pinky nudes. The pigmentation is good, however it fades quite quickly so you do have to re-apply this often (which I do not mind at all due to the lovely texture!)


Compared to the others I own this is one very hydrating and smooth lipstick, which I love about it. I find myself wanting to re-apply this hourly because of the way it feels! I also find the colour to be pretty versatile; as it is a nude beige this is a great lipstick to wear for an every-day look, however I have taken this with me on nights out and it can be used for many different styles! The colour also makes it perfect to wear all year round.

To buy or not to buy?

If you are not a fan of a bright or bold lip and are looking for something that will just add a touch of glam without staining your lips or drying them out, this is absolutely perfect. It can be worn for a range of looks, whatever the season and does not cost much so I consider this a very worthwhile purchase! 

I'd love to know your favorite nude lipsticks, let me know in the comments!

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