Friday, 20 June 2014

Summer shades

 Sleek Del i-Divine Del Mar Volume 1

My favorite product for summer:
the Sleek Del Mar palette!

During one of my casual 'not-buying-anything-just-looking' strolls through Superdrug on a sunny afternoon I spotted this palette on a limited edition display and was instantly drawn in by the burst of colour I was seeing. I'm a huge fan of pastels at the moment, and this palette presented a shimmering cocktail of summer pastels, including warm coral, lime green and an ocean-like jadey blue. Then there's 'lounge lovers' - a shimmery pale gold which I knew would add a little sparkle for those summer evenings when matte just isn't enough!

All colours are super pigmented and most are just perfect matte shades for summer. Using this palette you can create an array of different summertime looks - from cool and beachy to warm and tropical - however it is also possible to go for a more natural sandy effect using 'Talamanca' and 'Lounge Lovers'. You can also make your look stand out even more by providing contrast using the Sleek brow kit - read a review of this over on Millie's blog! There are so many fun, summery looks to try with the Del Mar palette - if you own this palette let me know your favorite shades! If not, which colours would you team together? :) Here are some of mine:

For a light everyday look:
1) Sweep 'Talamanca' along the crease and outer corner of eyelid.
2) Use 'Chilled Out' on inner corner of eye and across eyelid.
3) Take 'Feel Euphoric' and put onto outer half of eyelid, blending it in with 'Chilled Out' in the middle.

A hot tropical orange look:
1) Smudge 'Chilled Out' into inner corner of eyelid in order to create contrast and give the bright colours more of a pop.
2) Imagine your eyelid having three vertical sections. Sweep 'Sunset Strip' over first third of eyelid, closest to inner corner.
3) Take 'On the Rocks' and apply to middle third (don't worry if this goes further across the eyelid as it becomes the main colour of this look).
4) Apply 'Talamanca' to remaining third and into crease.
5) Blend!

A cool beachy look:
1) Repeat previous steps replacing 'Sunset Strip' with 'Poolside', 'On the Rocks' and 'Talamanca' with 'Blue Marlin'.

Hope you all have a great summer! 
Lil x


  1. I'm loving pastel colours too and that pallette looks perfect for summer!
    It would be nice to see you create some looks with it, Lily! :)

    I'll keep an eye on your blog from now on! ;)



    1. Thank you Sofia :) I've been enjoying your recent posts and love your blog!
      Lil x

  2. This palette is gorgeous! I love the look of the purples :)
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

  3. This palette sort of reminds me of Urban Decay's Electric palette that's out now! Nothing like a bright splash of color to liven things up for summer!

    Off to read your Tanya Burr lipgloss post I see over there now -- been wondering about them!


    1. I thought that too! Their new Rio Rio palette also has similar colours to the Urban Decay Electric palette :)

      Lil x

  4. Replies
    1. It really is! It's such a good price for a good-quality palette with such pretty colours :)
      Lil x