Wednesday, 26 March 2014


If you haven't heard a million people talking about Frozen recently (although I'm sure you have) it's a BEAUTIFULLY animated Disney film and probably the best one I've seen. I shan't bore you with a summary, as really for those who haven't seen it you can quite easily find that on IMBD or Wikipedia and I don't want to give too much away anyway, so instead, here is...


5. The Animation
As I mentioned already, the film is animated wonderfully. If you've seen Tangled you'll have noticed it is the same kind of animation, however it seems to have been notched up a grade with more cinematic shots, vast snowy landscapes and great attention to detail such as the plaits and many other hairstyles the girls wear during the film (which I adore, Elsa's coronation chignon is beautiful).

4. The New 'Tangled'
There are many similarities between Frozen and Tangled. The animation is very similar, and the characters have fairly similar roles (a heroine taking on an adventure during which she meets the hero who helps her on her quest, along with the help of his anthropomorphised steed - be it horse or reindeer - and a small friend of the heroine, also with very human qualities).
Many people have been comparing the two films to the point of speculating that the characters belong in the same world (did you spot Rapunzel and Flynn turning up for Elsa's coronation during Frozen?!) Anyway, I loved Tangled, and I'm now obsessed with Frozen.

3. The Quirks
Frozen is not your obvious fairy tale style Disney movie. This is mainly down to the characters - they're not your stereotypical types. The one who freezes the entire town is not the bad guy (who isn't actually revealed until the climax of the plot). Anna, as the heroine/princess of the story, is described as 'completely ordinary' and has odd little quirks that make her seem a bit awkward in the most comedic yet endearing way. We are clearly in a new era of cleverly written, well animated, top-notch Disney movies with more relatable protagonists.

2. The Songs
Frozen is filled with brilliant songs that are climactic, emotional, quirky and delightful. If you know me then you'll know I'm not usually one for musicals, and while my friends sat cringing and cracking jokes about how long it would be until the characters burst into song once more, I actually really enjoyed the songs and some have become very popular (you'll probably have already heard 'Let it Go' and 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman?')
Here's one of the more funny, light-hearted songs featured in the film, from the Disney Youtube page:

1. The Characters
 There are just so many brilliant characters in Frozen, namely the loveable companions who aid Anna during her adventure. Olaf, as you can see in the video, is hilarious. Kristoff is quite a realistic character who you can't help but love for his hidden good-guy qualities. Sven is adorable, and there's something very childlike and amusing about the way Kristoff gives him his voice. Then there's the trolls!

So if you haven't yet seen Frozen, and this sounds like your kind of movie, then what are you waiting for? :)

Comment below if you've seen the film and what you loved (or hated) about it (without any spoilers please!)


  1. I never got round to seeing it at the cinema but I've heard the songs and I love them! I'm planning on buying the DVD once it's released :)

    1. If you love the songs chances are you're going to love the film! Hope you enjoy it once you get it on DVD :)

      Lil x