Friday, 7 March 2014


Back in February I visited London for a few days to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend. While I was there I met my lovely friend Jenny (who lives close by) and we went for a wander around Selfridges! Whilst sauntering through the make-up department I told Jenny about how I always feel so jealous seeing all the beautiful nail polishes displayed, because sadly I'm allergic to something in most nail polishes.

Jenny told me about how Clinique do a nail polish that is allergy tested. How had I not known about this before?! We sought out the Clinique counter and I asked the sales assistant which of their products were allergy tested. It turns out that ALL their nail polishes are allergy tested and are designed for people with sensitive skin (yay!) Whats more I was told that if I found that I was remotely allergic to it in any way I could bring it back and get it refunded. At £12 it's expensive, but it was my birthday after all.

I bought a polish in the colour 'Hi sweetie' (bright pink) and because it was the week of Valentine's Day I was also given a free 'Chubby Stick intense' (a coloured lip balm) in a similar colour 'plushest punch'. At first I didn't expect to end up using the chubby stick, however once back in my hotel room I tried it on and absolutely loved it!

Me (wearing my favorite new lippy!) and Simon at King's Cross

I've worn the nail polish a few times and so far I don't seem to have had any reaction to it! Thaaanks Clinique :D

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