Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Velvet Gh0st Phone Case

I've recently become addicted to Gabriella Lindley's videos on Youtube channel Velvetgh0st, and her side channel PlanetGabb. In a recent video Gabby mentioned her phone case which was designed by Polly from Sighh Designs and created to match her channel header. I was intrigued to see more of Polly's designs and can I just say how awesome they are?! If you haven't visited the website go and have a peek at the case designs which range from cute and colourful to stylish and witty!

The Velvetgh0st case was available only throughout August 2014 so after falling in love with the design I quicky ordered myself one of the cases for my Samsung! (There is however a similar design in baby blue which also looks fab). I think the case definitely suits iPhones better (as most phone cases tend to) however I can't get over how cute it is! It brightens my phone up and gives it a sprinkle of personality. Thanks Polly :)

Polly's Website: 

Gabby's Channels:


  1. Does the case cover the front rim of your phone? (The silver rim around the screen) of the phone? And are they worth £14 as I am thinking of getting one but i don't know if it will be a waste of money?