Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cara Delevingne and Essence Goodies!

Very recently I won a competition on the Essence UK Facebook page (what? I never win anything!) In order to win you simply had to comment on the post and state which celeb's style you loved most - I wrote about how much I loved Cara Delevingne's casual yet glamorous style! In the post I received a selection of cosmetics by Essence (as shown above) and some of these are absolutely gorgeous. Here are my thoughts on some of my favourites.

Nail Polish
Unfortunately I am allergic to a chemical in most nail polishes so I can't use the nail art paper or the lovely sparkling nail polish that Essence have sent me, as much as I love the way they look! I will however be giving them to my friend Millie (check out her blog, Becoming Mrs P!) who I know will put them to great use!

BB Cream
I have been after a good BB cream for a while now so I was delighted to receive this! I was given the cream in the shade '02 natural' which is a little darker than my natural complexion, however it matches the darkest tones of my skin and therefore is perfect for summer and gives me that natural slight bronzed look! The BB cream claims to be hydrating, and while I can't say I have found it to be worthy of this I have not found it to be drying on my skin either - perhaps this would work best after using a moisturiser.

Lip Tint
After debating with my boyfriend over whether the colour was red or pink, I can definitely say I love it regardless! You can layer this to give as light or as bold pigmentation as you want.

Sun Club All-in-one Bronzing Highlighter
I have bronzers, I have highlighters and I have blushers. Since I found Sleek's Face Form palette I had no need to be carrying around each in a separate pot and I love having all three in one palette. This all-in-one bronzing highlighter offers something a bit different in that it has several shades of bronzer, blusher and a highlight which can be blended together with your brush to create your desired effect! Love it.

Eye Pencil in Black
This eye pencil is absolutely fab for creating a dark smokey eye effect like Cara's. This inspired me to re-create her look using my new make-up products, and some current favourites! 

Cara's Look
L-R: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, Essence Smokey Eye Pencil, Rimmel Scandaleyes by Kate Moss, Essence BB Cream, Essence lipstick, Essence All-in-one Bronzing Highlighter and Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud.

I used the Smokey Eye Pencil over my eyelids and along the crease to re-create Cara's signature dark smokey eye look. I then applied the Kate Moss Scandaleyes Mascara in Jet Black (current fave mascara) and the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil for her dark eyebrows she is so well-known for.

I also used the brown tones of the bronzing highlighter to contour beneath my cheekbones, then blended a mixture of the blush and highlighter together with my Natural Collection blush (which is pretty old now but I still adore the shade). I applied these lightly to the apples of my cheeks and along the cheekbones to create a soft, subtle blush. Lastly I used the pink lipstick for a subtle neutral lip that Cara so often goes for!

Let me know in the comments your favourite celebrity looks and whose style you most admire! :)
Lil x


  1. Im so excited that Essence is now available in the UK. I love their makeup - their eyeshadows & face powders are great & their range of nail polish is HUGE! Im looking forward to trying so many things & WOW you won such a great prize. Looking forward to reading your reviews

    1. I know I was so excited to have won!! Definitely recommend the all-in-one bronzing highlighter if you're thinking about buying some of their products :)
      Lil x